LA COSTEÑA | Catrina
   CLIENT: La Costeña     TECHNICS: 3D Animation / Art Direction /Motion Design / BOARD
"In this exciting project for the Costeña brand, we set out to create unique 3D characters that would reflect the richness of Mexican culture in celebration of the Day of the Dead. Our team of designers and animators went above and beyond to bring each character to life, paying close attention to every detail to achieve an authentic and fun appearance.
Not only did we create the characters, but we also got involved in the design process for the commemorative cans' layout. We took on the task of proposing various ideas to find the perfect balance in the composition and make the cans look harmonious alongside the characters.
The final result was a resounding success, a perfect combination of 3D characters and can design that reflects the essence of Mexican culture. We are proud to have been part of this project and excited to continue collaborating on future projects that celebrate the richness of our culture. Thank you for trusting our team!"
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