ACT II | Balance
AGENCY: Sparkling   CLIENT: ACT II     TECHNICS: 3D Animation / Art Direction /Motion Design / BOARD
"In collaboration with Act II, we developed an exciting 2D animation project that highlights the qualities of their delicious snack. Our goal was to showcase the maximum indulgence that the product offers with a minimum of calories, which we achieved through a flexible and dynamic animation technique that reinforces the feeling of lightness associated with this snack.
Our team of animation experts worked tirelessly to create a visually appealing and entertaining experience that conveyed the idea of indulgence without guilt. From the outset, we focused on communicating the idea that Act II's snack is the perfect choice for those looking to satisfy their cravings in a healthy way.
In summary, this 2D animation project is a demonstration of our ability to create dynamic and fun content that connects with the brand's audience, while highlighting the qualities of this product."
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