CLIENT: Diablos Rojos   TECHNICS: 3D Ilustration / Art Direction / Image Retouching
"In our project with the Mexican baseball team Diablos Rojos, we were in charge of supervising and directing the photographic shots of several of their players. Additionally, we carried out the image retouching and composition work that would later be used in various graphic and promotional materials for social media.
With a careful focus on quality and aesthetics, our team worked meticulously to achieve images that highlighted the unique characteristics of each player and conveyed the energy and excitement of the sport. Thanks to our experience in the field of photography and graphic design, we were able to create high-quality promotional materials that showcased the achievements and values of the baseball team. The end result was a set of high-quality graphic materials that captured the attention of the team's fans and helped promote the Diablos Rojos on social media and other communication channels."
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