CALTRATE | Mujeres Fuertes
AGENCY: Ogilvy     CLIENT: Pfizer/Caltrate     TECHNICS: 3D Animation / Art Direction /Motion Graphics / VFX
For this project, we focused on creating animations, visual effects (VFX), and motion graphics to explain the benefits of the Caltrate product, which helps strengthen bones. We sought to highlight the innovative technology behind the product.
Our team of creatives and designers worked in collaboration with the Caltrate team to develop a visual strategy that would effectively showcase the benefits of the product. Through animations and VFX, we were able to visually explain how Caltrate helps strengthen bones and improve bone health.
We made sure that the design was tailored to the female audience, using colors and visual elements that were both attractive and relevant to women. Ultimately, we were successful in creating an attractive and memorable visual experience that effectively conveyed the necessary information.
In summary, our project was a success due to our ability to create animations, VFX, and motion graphics that highlighted the benefits of Caltrate, and were focused on the female audience. We are proud to have contributed to the promotion of this important bone health product.
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