CREDITOS | El que Busca Encuentra
PRODUCER: All About Media   TECHNICS: 3D Animation / Art Direction /Motion Design / BOARD
"Our project consisted of creating a 3D opening credits animation with a 2D look for the romantic comedy: 'El que busca encuentra' (translated as 'The One Who Seeks, Finds'). We focused on reflecting the plot without revealing too much of the story, while maintaining a playful and romantic tone in line with the movie. We had complete creative freedom and enjoyed every step of the process.
We used 3D animation techniques to bring the characters and elements of the movie to life, but with a 2D aesthetic. The result is a unique combination of three-dimensional elements with a 2D look that enhances the story of the movie in a special way.
We struck a balance between revealing details without spoiling the surprise of the film. The final result is an opening credits sequence that captivates the viewer and immerses them in the world of the movie, while preserving the playful and romantic feeling that characterizes the film 'El que busca encuentra'.
We take pride in having created a unique opening credits animation that complements the movie in a special way. We are confident that it will be a great start to the viewers' experience!"
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