KELLOGG´S | Videollamada
AGENCY: Leo Burnett    CLIENT: Kellogg´s     TECHNICS: 3D Animation / Art Direction /Motion Graphics / VFX
"In this animation project, we recreated the iconic Kellogg's characters using 3D animation tools but giving them a 2D look, which greatly accelerated production times, while strictly adhering to the brand guidelines. The biggest challenge was to maintain the distinctiveness and visual identity of the characters while adjusting them to a faithful animation style that reflected the brand.
This commercial became an important tool for Kellogg's, allowing them to maintain a presence on social media even after regulatory reasons prevented them from featuring the characters in their commercials. Moreover, the project was particularly relevant in the context of the pandemic, as it leveraged the rapidly popularized concept of video calls, resulting in high engagement on social media.
We are proud to have been a part of this project and to have helped Kellogg's maintain a meaningful connection with their audience through our high-quality animation and dedication to upholding the brand's integrity."
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